About HipRawk Nation®

HipRawk Nation® is a weekly radio series hosted by Kaja Brown, which features an eclectic soundtrack of Alternative, Electronic, Dance, Neo Soul, and Rap music from around the world.

In addition to the music, the show spotlights and connects progressive artists, activists and cultural leaders, as well as covers topics including politics, finance, health, and relationships.

Produced by Nahoni & Company, LLC, the series is available to radio stations via FTP, the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) and Pacifica Audioport.

In addition to the weekly radio show, we offer a companion podcast – HipRawk Nation®: The Podcast – featuring longer-form interviews and related content not contained within the radio show.

About Kaja Brown
(Host & Producer)

Kaja Brown is host and producer of the weekly series HipRawk Nation®. For more than two decades he has worked within a diversity of media organizations across the United States, including college radio and newspapers, community radio, commercial radio, and public television.

In addition to his work on HipRawk Nation®, he has extensive non-profit management experience, namely as co-founder of the Arizona Community Media Foundation, and Desert Soul Media, Inc., two public media organizations in Phoenix, Arizona.

In his free time he enjoys traveling, reading a good book, trying new recipes, and exploring botanical gardens.