Interview: Def-i

Albuquerque-based emcee Def-i joins us for an interview. During our conversation he shares his musical influences, how he started rapping, how the Albuquerque hip-hop scene has emerged, and what to expect on his next album. Find out more about Def-i:

Interview: Shane Guerrette

In 2018, we produced a special edition of the show live from the Native Voice One (NV1) studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Indie singer-songwriter Shane Guerrette was one of our guests. During this interview he discuss his music, influences, and album. Find out more about Shane Guerrette:

Interview: Dry River Yacht Club

Here’s a 2014 interview with Phoenix-based band Dry River Yacht Club. During this interview they discuss how they create music, what their live show experience is like, and more. Find out more about Dry River Yacht Club:

Interview: Andy Verdecchio of Five Iron Frenzy

We revisit a 2013 interview with Andy Verdecchio of the band Fiver Iron Frenzy. During this interview Andy discusses the origins of the band, its music, live show, and how he views spirituality. Find out more about Five Iron Frenzy:

Interview: Coffee Jones

We dust off a 2013 interview with Grammy nominated and Dove award winning emcee Coffee Jones. During this interview Coffee discusses his early music career, his work with his producing partner Bonafide of GRITS, and his new solo work. Find out more about Coffee Jones: